Internal Communication Video

Over the last few years’ there has been a significant uptake in companies embracing Internal Communication Video as an integral part of their internal communications strategy. Today’s progressive companies understand that people are at their best when they are fully engaged at work.

According to a Gallup poll, ‘87% of employees worldwide are not engaged’. This effects adversely productivity as  “companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147%

So how can companies use video to build employee engagement, to inspire and unify the diverse range of their people?

Here are six popular internal communication videos we regularly produce to give you some ideas:

  • Sales and Service Training videos
  • Monthly Company TV show
  • Staff Induction videos
  • Safety Training videos
  • Critical Business News Update videos
  • COVID-19 Updates

Internal Communications Video with Video Experts

That’s why, at Video Experts, we create fully custom Internal Communication Video’s that are tailored to communicate your message, loud and clear.

With no limits to creativity, a Video Experts video is the foundation of being remarkable and standing out from the crowd.

Sounds great so far? What’s more, creating Internal Communication Video with us is easy!

We’ve streamlined the entire process to ensure that your experience is an enjoyable one!

Everything is taken care of – from concept and storyboarding, through to production, editing, voice-over, music and sound effects!

And, with our fixed price guarantee, you will stay on budget.

Safety Video Showcase

Our aim is to ensure that the daily activity of staff is aligned with the leadership vision and values of the organization resulting in a more informed, better trained and well-connected workforce.

Let us help you take your marketing communications to the next level!

To get started, book your free online Discovery Session today. Just select a time that suits you best from the calendar below.

Let’s work together to make sure your next Internal Communication Video is a success!

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