Internal Communication Video

Over the last few years’ there has been a significant uptake in companies embracing video as an integral part of their internal communications strategy.

Today’s progressive companies understand that people are at their best when they are fully engaged at work.

According to a Gallup poll, ‘87% of employees worldwide are not engaged’. This effects adversely productivity as  “companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147%”

So how can companies use video to build employee engagement, to inspire and unify the diverse range of their people?

Here is a short list of six popular internal communication videos we have produced where key information is effectively communicated to staff :

  • Sales and Service Training videos
  • Monthly video newsletters
  • Staff induction videos
  • Safety training videos
  • People News – Meet the team videos
  • Business News Update videos


Internal Communication Video

Our aim is to ensure that the daily activity of staff is aligned with the leadership vision and values of the organization resulting in a more informed, better trained and well-connected workforce.

Here is an example of a recruitment video that whilst is not internal was produced in conjunction with the HR department and is a good example of communicating company values, in this case, to a public audience but it could just as easily be internal as well e.g as part of a “this is a career not a job” campaign.

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