5 Internal Communication Ideas for a Video Newsletter

5 Internal Communication Ideas for a Video Newsletter

There are many highly effective options for internal communications videos available to the modern organization. One of the most popular options is a regular video newsletter broadcast similar to a short TV show (6-12 minutes).
Within a video newsletter, there can be various themes and concepts. Here are our top 5 internal communication ideas.

1. Latest News.

This segment is the perfect place to let people know about important and relevant news about your company. This is a wide-ranging topic and could include news items such as mergers, public listing, holiday closures etc recent staff appointments, new product lines, changes to shipping or distribution, sales success’ etc.

2. Product Updates

Has your company just introduced a new product line or updated a service offering. Here is the perfect medium to share this a ensure a single consistent message is broadcast.

3. Safety

The video newsletter is an ideal format for proving current and relevant safety information across the organisation.

4. Change Management

Is there a significant change in the company? A video segment featuring the relevant person to provide an open channel of communication would definitely be a valuable addition to the episode.

5. People News

Have there been recent staff appointments or retirements that need to be communicated? A segment featuring these people would make for an engaging and perhaps entertaining segment.
Video Newsletter as an exceptional choice of Internal Communication Ideas
If your staff satisfaction surveys consistently reveal that poor communications within your organisation is of high concern amongst staff members. As you know, lack of communication can lead to a disengaged workforce and challenges such as absenteeism, high staff turnover, low productivity, increased management and ultimately reduced profits. If you are looking for more internal communication ideas, here is a useful article about employee engagement titled “3 ways to use video to create greater employee engagement

How about a Christmas edition trial video?

If you are not already creating internal video communications, Christmas is the perfect time to get started. At the end of the year, the focus is on celebrating the achievements of the last 12 months and at the same time, building excitement about next year and the opportunities that lie ahead.
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