How can I build trust with video and attract more customers? | Q and A Video Marketing

How can I build trust  with video and attract more customers? | Q and A Video Marketing


Session #4 30 March 2014.

Welcome – this weeks Q and A focuses largely on the question – How can I build trust with video and attract more customers?


Welcome! Hello and welcome. Here we are, it’s Monday, it comes around quickly doesn’t it? So it’s the 31st of March and this is session number 4. So welcome everybody that has joined me here live. So in case you didn’t know these Q&A’s are held every week on Monday 12.00 noon AEST and it’s your opportunity to ask me any question that you have about video marketing. This is an opportunity for me to share and give back to everybody who is interested in video marketing and I’m more than happy to take any questions either live during the session or during the week beforehand.

So let’s get stuck into it. I’m just going to bring up our first question which is question of the week. Now this is from Yong Naksavath, hopefully I’ve pronounced your name correctly there, Yong.  And the question is:

“How can I use video to build trust and attract more customers?”

So thank you very much Yong, this is in fact a very, very interesting question and it really actually requires a little bit of a two pronged answer so just bear with me as we work through the answer to this. So I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “know, like and trust”, okay so “know, like and trust”. This is one of the key pillars in marketing and your question actually relates to the third part which is trust, “how can I use video to build trust” and it really ties into the other two factors as well of “know” and “like” and videos are a fantastic medium, in fact, the best medium for building the “know, like and trust” aspect of your brand or business, you know, you don’t need to be a big brand to be actually putting these ideas into action, you can be a small business, micro business, SME etc.

So let’s move on to some examples here of how you can use video to build trust. One of the key aspects that I actually use is by sharing information. This positions you as someone who is knowledgeable about your service or products and positions you a bit of a leader or expert in this field. So by sharing knowledge, what I suggest there is things like what I’m doing here which is live Q&A sessions, you don’t need to do them every week but maybe once a month to all your customers and potential customers, allow them to ask questions freely and they can then relate to you personally as the owner of the business or as the product manager for example, a sales manager maybe, and they can actually feel that they have a connection with you and your business and that you’re freely giving information, so this builds trust.

Another example would be to produce a – weekly I think is good – weekly YouTube explainer videos, tips and tricks for example.  Now these typically are filmed in blocks and then release over a period of time. So for example with our clients we have three options to produce either 13, 26 or 52 weeks’ worth of content in one hit, so that then gets drip fed out so you don’t need to do it every week, but you can just concentrate that into one production. So this is another great idea to build trust with your audience.

Now some other ideas that I’ve come up with, in terms of showing that you’re reputable, again this builds trust. Examples could be to promote any awards that you have received, membership of industry bodies, any publications so if you’re published in any blogs, magazines or any PR, if you’ve appeared on radio or TV, published a book, these are all fantastic ways to demonstrate that you are an expert in your field, that you’re reputable and to build trust, and of course video is a fantastic way to actually communicate this, it’s one thing to say in a Facebook post “hey I’m really excited, I’ve just won this award”, that’s great but if you do a video and explain what the award is for, show the video, it’s just brings that whole other dynamic into the promotion.

Hey this is a really good one, I’ve saved the best until last; testimonials. This is the number one way that you can build trust by using video testimonials. Now these can be on a number of different levels, they can be as simple as filming a quick 30 second testimonial on site for example if you’re a tradesman, or woman, tradeswoman, onsite with your smartphone and uploading that to YouTube, or it could be as complex as a case study where you actually walk through the challenges of the project and the outcome and you’ve got the client commenting on the process, so a case study is a bigger testimonial example. But nevertheless there’s everything in between, video testimonials without a doubt will build trust in your business like nothing else will.

So they are the three ways to build trust, so just recapping, sharing valuable information, Q&As or video channel on YouTube, promote anything that will show you as reputable and an expert in your field, and thirdly video testimonials.

Now the second part of that question is to attract more customers, now that is really a whole other topic but I’m just going to relate to the idea of trust. So building trust will automatically attract more customers, you might have heard of the phrase “magnetic marketing”, so customers will be attracted to you by positioning yourself as an expert, as an industry leader and building trust, then customers will start to take an interest in what you do and you will attract more customers. So I think we might just leave it there with the idea of building trust will automatically flow on to attracting more customers. Of course there are many other ways to specifically target and attract customers, but I’ve covered that in some of the other Q&As and will do in the future, so thank you very much Yong for your question of the week.

Now I do actually have another question here which is fantastic and really this is what this Q&A is about, it really is an opportunity for you to ask me questions, the more questions I get the more answers I can give so let’s keep that going, there is a hash tag that I’ve created is #veqanda, you can certainly use that in Twitter and in particular to tag any questions. You can ask them live in the chat here or during the week, I’d really love to hear from you.

So question 2.

“Is it better to use YouTube to host your videos or a boutique video host like Wistia or Brightcove for example?”

This is from Jay Dillon from Inbound Experts so thank you very much Jay, we had this discussion actually just last week over a coffee and it was a very good question so I thought it would be a great way to share that knowledge here on the Q&A.

So the short answer is horses for courses, so it really depends on the goal of your video. So in most instances I would suggest YouTube is an absolutely ideal channel to host your videos, it has all the infrastructure there and can be embedded all through social and has some great analysis tools. So for most situations YouTube is fine, and YouTube is more than fine particularly for some specific goals that you might have for your video.

So for example brand awareness and reach, then YouTube is absolutely the go to platform. Of course it can be integrated into Google Hangouts on Air which is what I’ve done here so this live broadcast is automatically recorded and listed as an event on my YouTube channel for people to watch, archived, so at a later date, not live, so that’s a nice future of YouTube that I really enjoy. Now obviously if you’re seeking to build up a channel and build subscriptions then YouTube again is a perfect medium to do that.

So when would you use something like Wistia or Brightcove which are boutique video hosting companies that provide some extra additional services. One of the great things is with these guys that there can be a specific call to action built into the actual video, so for example at some point a sign up form can pop up within the video and request a sign up to a list for example just by requesting your name and e-mail. Now I use this in some of my videos at the end of the video that I’m promoting, specifically for people to join that list. Whilst in YouTube you can use annotations to click through to your website, I find that the actual built-in forms with Wistia or Brightcove are very, very effective and there are other ways that you can use that, so you might have a specific call to action that you want to embed within the video.

The other thing that these boutique host services provide are some very, very detailed analytics, for example one that I really enjoy using is to examine the drop-off point in a video. So if you got, for example a seven minute video and you find that there is a lot of exit points at say 3.5 minutes, these companies will actually show you that, and that provides valuable feedback for you to look at what is happening around that 3.5 minute mark for example and to analyse why people are dropping off not watching to the end. So it allows you to reposition that video, to re-edit it, to tweak it, and then analyse it again, so test and measure, pretty standard marketing technique, and whilst YouTube has some fantastic analytics, it doesn’t at this stage go to that depth. Obviously Wistia and Brightcove are pay for service, so there is some costs involved, whereas YouTube there’s no actual physical cost. So there’s a little bit of give-and-take there, there’s horses for courses as I said earlier, YouTube for most situations will be absolutely fine and in some instances absolutely perfect and boutique video hosting can be very useful in other situations. So hopefully that has provided some great information for any of you out there who is wondering where is best to host.

Now just keep in mind of course that platforms such as Facebook are quite, do offer you to upload video as well directly to your page or to embed YouTube and now just recently in the last few weeks we’ve got that pre-roll in your feed where there’s no audio but the video starts to play, so this is a really, I think anyway as a video marketer, a really fantastic addition to Facebook that video now, viewers can get an experience of what that video is before they actually decide that they want to watch it. So this is a really interesting trend to follow and keep an eye on, and I believe that that auto pre-roll play type is available, I’m pretty sure on both with YouTube embed and direct video upload to Facebook, so check that out.

So we’re coming to the end of our 15 minutes, I’m just to quickly check to see if we have any last minute additions to the questions, so just bear with me a moment, I’m just going to check through, so remember #veqanda is the hash tag, you can certainly leave comments on my Facebook page or the video experts Facebook page, on YouTube or of course live on Google hangouts. Okay, I’ll just quickly check Twitter as well, okay so that’s fine, we don’t have any on-the-fly questions today but I do encourage you to let me know all the questions at any time, it doesn’t matter how complex or simple as those questions might appear. If you’re asking those questions then without a doubt there will be other people who would be interested in finding out those answers and I’m always interested to find out what people are asking, what are people interested in knowing more about in video marketing? It’s a relatively new medium over the last five years, so there’s a huge learning curve for a lot of us who are coming to video marketing for the first time, so this is a great educational platform and a great medium and let’s get those questions in.

Okay so look, we’re going to wrap up now, its quarter past, thank you very much for watching, it really is a pleasure for me to share this information with you, I get a lot out of it. Let me see here, so look I do have a free updates tab on the website. If you are able to fill in some very basic details there I think it’s just your first name and e-mail, you will then actually receive updates with the video marketing and a lot of people are finding that very useful so I would encourage you to sign up there, we certainly don’t spam, it’s all good information.

So have a wonderful rest of the day and I really look forward to seeing you next Monday which is the 7th of April and looking forward to your questions as they come through the week and any live on the day, so thank you once again, you’ve been listening to Marcus Seeger, I’m the owner and video profit strategist here at Video Experts.

Have a great day!

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