Video Testimonials that Double Conversion Rates | Q and A Video Marketing

Video Testimonials that Double Conversion Rates | Q and A Video Marketing

Session #6 28th April 2014.


My name is Marcus Seeger and I’m the owner and video profit strategist here at Video Experts. Welcome to our Q&A, this is #6 in fact and it’s the 28th of April 2014. So thank you very much joining me.

Today’s question and topic is:

Video Testimonials

Now these I believe are one of the most effective ways to increase your conversion rates, now whether that is online or offline. So let’s delve in a little deeper into video testimonials today.

So first thing, some of you might have seen the trailer that I had playing before the Q&A actually started live, now this is a video testimonial that I’ve just created, actually my first one for Video Experts. I’m just trying to do as much as I can in terms of walking the talk here, I’ve been advising my clients and doing testimonial videos for my clients for a number of years now, but this is the first one I’ve actually done for Video Experts so it’s actually given me some really good insights that I’m going to share with you today as well.

So why do video testimonials work? Look the main thing is that it can cover off a number of barriers of sale, so a potential customer of yours usually will have a number of voices in their head so to speak that will give them an example of why not to buy, so it might be price, it might be lead time, it might be that they’re unsure about your brand, they’re not sure if it actually works etc. Testimonials can actually, you’ve got a customer there that has gone through that buying process, has purchased your product and service and is able to review it. Now this is incredibly powerful and way more powerful than you yourself actually saying how great your product and service is, if you’ve got a client who has actually experienced and gone through that buying process, and then they are giving the testimonial, it is just an amazing connection that the potential buyer, when they’re watching that video testimonial, can relate to and if you carefully sculpture your questions around those barriers of sale, this can be an incredibly powerful tool.

So let me give you an example of that, you might have a coaching program for example that has certain results and if you’ve got a testimonial there that is specifically talking about the results, then that will hopefully knock that doubt on the head from a potential customer when they’re thinking “look is this really going to work, I’m just not really sure, you know” and then they watch this video and there’s a client of yours that’s absolutely so excited about the experience of that coaching program and they’re specifically going into the results that they’ve achieved, then that is gold.

Another example might be price, there might be some price sensitivity, whether it’s too expensive or possibly even too cheap. The testimonial again, I’m suggesting a different testimonial here that actually targets that particular barrier of sale that will go into the value that you’ve provided, and the reasons, you can even go into “look I thought it was too expensive but I took the jump and a leap and I went into the coaching course, I’m so glad I did, it actually represents way more value than I initially expected, I get this, this, this and this, and the results have been fantastic, the price really is insignificant”. You can see where I’m heading there so if you’re able to really nail down in your sales process, what are the common questions and barriers to actually making a sale, and then seek out existing customers that are really able to tackle those issues head on in a video testimonial and you will be absolutely amazed at the results that you’ll achieve. These video testimonials will work so much better than you personally actually tackling those questions, I mean you can do that as well as backup support material, but the video testimonial from your existing client is just the winner.

I can’t wait to actually share the one that I’ve just done for my business Video Experts, and really to hear my client and the testimonial giving me that feedback as well, it was really beneficial. Here is the link to the video testimonial for Video Experts from the Ultimate 48 Hour Author.

video testimonials

So I think you get the idea there, so the question might be “well how do I make these testimonials?” and there’s a number of ways you can go about that. One is what I did on the recent one and for some of my clients in the past it’s more of a case study, so this is where we actually really delve pretty deeply into the project and have various testimonials that cover various aspects of the project. Even showing some demonstrations of what the project was about, so it’s more of an in depth analysis of that project or service or product, and these can generally go for about three minutes more or less, there’s no strict time limits. So that’s something that you probably would end up outsourcing to a video production company such as ourselves Video Experts.

Now the other one is more on-the-fly, you know, you might have a business that is trades or service orientated and you’re actually out and about and working with clients face-to-face and a great way to get testimonials there is actually to do it yourself with a smartphone. This is something I have mentioned before and, you know it’s a really great way, the iPhone has a YouTube app, and same with the Galaxy, you can just actually record the video and automatically link to YouTube where you can basically propose to your client after you finish the job “if you think we’ve done a great job here we’d like to get a video testimonial from you, is that okay?” and have your phone ready to go and this will probably be more about a 20 to 30 second testimonial I would suggest here, something quite short, you’re out in the field, you’re using your smart phone, you really just want to get a happy customer experience across, and these can be a very effective, particular if you start building up a bank of them and you’ll notice that there’ll be trends that each customer will start to address, which is fantastic.

So that’s what I would suggest there, and of course how to distribute these videos, I would suggest YouTube would be the best way for these, within your channel build up a playlist of the testimonials that you’ve created and share them, you really want to get them out onto Facebook, onto Twitter, onto your website, just share them. Womo, I’m not sure does that have video testimonial or video capability, if it doesn’t at the moment I’m sure it will soon.

So these are great ways to actually get that content, to share it and as we know video is one of the most shareable aspects in social media so make the most of that, get these videos, you know they’re not just going to sit on your website, you can actually get a lot more leverage are ROI from these videos.

So there’s two ways to think about actually creating these videos. One, DIY, iPhone, in the field as it were, or professionally outsourced for an in depth more case study, so it really depends on your service, on your business and probably also to take into consideration is your brand, so if you’re really looking at a high level brand then I would probably suggest more towards the outsourcing.

I think that really in a nutshell, that really covers video testimonials. The other thing to mention I guess here is that on websites traditionally we’ve seen text-based testimonials, maybe with a photograph and whilst those are useful, video really is up to 12 times more effective in communicating that message through video and people generally have a distrust and a bit of lack of belief in those text-based testimonials, even if there’s a photograph there or a link, if there’s a client genuinely speaking to camera, there’s doubt whatsoever that this is a real and genuine testimonial, and look, really just use your existing clients, don’t go out and ask your friends or family to give a testimonial for a business and service that they haven’t actually purchased because we’re pretty savvy, we’ve got the radar there and we’ll actually pick up on the fact that they’re not actually genuine, so steer clear of that, just be authentic and seek out genuine clients.

One thing that I’ve done to actually help facilitate and suggested with my clients is to flag maybe at the beginning of a project that you would like them to consider a video testimonial at the end of the project once it’s complete, and that way when you actually get round to asking them after the completion date, they’re actually a bit more warm, they’ve actually been thinking about it and it’s not so much like a cold call where you’re just phoning up and asking for a testimonial, they’ve actually thought of that throughout the process and maybe they’re actually reviewing as they go along the things that they would like to say. And don’t be afraid if something doesn’t quite go right in a project or if you deliver something that’s not, you know if there’s some changes that need to be made, that in itself can actually be a really positive testimonial for your business, so a potential customer whose not sure that you’re actually going to deliver, to hear that you can actually go that extra step to make sure that everything’s right, so don’t be afraid, don’t avoid issues if there were any in the project, service or product, that if they’ve been resolved and it’s a positive experience for your customer then certainly that can be a great testimonial as well.

So where are we? Look I would really encourage you to consider testimonials, I think they are a fantastic benefit to a business and it’s something that we can often forget, we have lots of raving fans but can we actually capture that in a video testimonial. Womo I mentioned before is a fantastic website now that is getting customer word-of-mouth, this is a very, very important aspect of us as a purchasing customer to hear the experiences of other people. So video testimonials are just really taking that one step further, or even a few steps further I would suggest.

So that’s it for video testimonials, we’re coming up to the end of the 15 minutes and I really would like to just mention a couple of things here, going on from the DIY iPhone testimonials that we were talking about earlier, I’ve actually got a free webinar that’s upcoming on Tuesday May 6th at 8.00pm called DIY and video for profits: you can do it! This is all about becoming an iPhone video hero as it were, an easy guide for making quality business videos with your iPhone or iPad, what you’re also going to include there is a little bit of information about why video works and why you should include video in your business today, and also five simple sales videos that you can make to increase sales. This is really just giving you an opportunity to learn a little bit more about how you can make videos yourself for your business and start to actually benefit from that. One of my missions here at Video Experts is to share this knowledge freely and to encourage you as business owners to take advantage of this video marketing that is an incredibly beneficial way to increase your business, so to grow your business with the power of video. At certain stages there will be a point where a lot of businesses will be at a stage where they need to outsource video production and that is certainly something that we do here. But in the meantime DIY it’s a great way to go. So there’s a link here as well, so DIY and video for profits: you can do it! Tuesday, May 6th 8.00pm, it’s a live video webinar for free, I look forward to running that and hope you can join me. You can find more details here:

There’s the other thing here is if you’ve enjoyed this video, I really would encourage you to subscribe to the YouTube channel and even head over to the website, there’s a link here as well, and just click on the free updates tab and basically if you can enter your name and email that way you’ll always be updated with everything that we’re doing here at Video Experts. So once a month we have an email newsletter that goes out as well as occasional updates throughout the month, so that’s very valuable for our followers.

So thank you very much, it’s been an absolute pleasure, Q&A #6 so we’re really getting into these now this year and I hope you’ve enjoyed that, please leave any comments below I’d love to hear your feedback on video testimonials and maybe you’ve had some experiences yourself about how that has actually benefited your business.

So thank you very much, you’ve been listening to Marcus Seeger at Video Experts, enjoy the rest of the day. Bye for now!

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