Video Email Marketing – Key Strategy to Effective Communication


Video Email Marketing

I believe that Video Email Marketing is one the most effective way to communicate online and is largely under used. It is quite likely that NONE of your competitors are using video email so it is a great opportunity to start using it to stand out from the crowd. Receiving an email that contains a video message is the most powerful and effective way to connect with someone online. The only thing that beats it is an actual face-to-face meeting.

There are many ways to include video email marketing.

One of the simplest ways that I use all the time is to send a personal video message when I am meeting someone or doing a presentation. First I will send a short video email letting them know I am looking forward to our meeting and will quickly review the purpose of the meeting. Then, after the meeting, I will send a second video to say thank you and a brief summary of what we achieved. This video can also flag a follow up or next step.

Can you imagine just how effective this is? It’s AMAZING!

To start with, is a total surprise for that person — they have probably never received a video email! If it is a first meeting, they will feel as if they know you even before they meet you! The ice is broken so to speak, even before you arrive J

There are many uses for video email including, drip campaigns for new prospects, thank you messages to new customers, anniversary and congratulatory videos, the list is endless and only limited by your imagination.

There are various video email programs available. For a basic version I suggest which is easy to use and has a free version.

Video Email Marketing

For a more sophisticated version I use BombBomb which can be integrated into Infusionsoft and Sales Force. You use the referral code VIDEO if you wish to try BombBomb with their FREE 14 day trial.

Video Email Marketing

In conclusion, I highly recommend exploring ways to integrate video email marketing into your business. Start today and give it a try!

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