Sales Funnel Videos to BOOST Conversion – Part 2 – Customer Value Optimization

Sales Funnel Videos to BOOST Conversion Part 2 – Customer Value Optimization


Part 2 of the Sales Funnel Videos series explores adding video to the Customer Value Optimization system that Ryan Diess blogged about last month at

Video Transcript

Hello my name is Marcus Seeger; I am the owner and video profit strategist at Video Experts. In this weeks video we are looking at PART 2 our Sales Funnel Videos to Boost Conversion. Now last week in PART 1 we checked out three main videos for a web site – that being the home page USP video, the products and services unique benefits video and the sales irresistible offer video. So check that out if you havn’t watched that video already.

So week two we are looking at the customer value optimization plan that Ryan Diess from posted about last month. Now, I am going to put the details below and I highly recommend you check out his post: customer value optimization at

Now…to give you a summary, Ryan talks about the complete flow chart from a customers experience throughout there purchasing process in a business.

So, it starts out with various traffic sources and then goes through into a lead magnetic and then a product offering [core product] and then a profit maximizer and lastly but most importantly a return path.

So what I encourage you to do is check out this and see how it can apply to your business and then look at how you can add video a various touch points throughout that process. Because I really believe this is where you can absolutely maximize the effect of this very carefully and clearly planned customer flow. It’s very, very exciting to be seeing people ad this to their video marketing strategies and seeing some great results. So check it out!

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