Recruitment Video – Video Marketing Strategy #001

A Recruitment Video is simply one of the most effective ways to attract quality applicants who are well matched to the personality of your organisation. In this video Marcus Seeger gives an overview of the recruitment video and how it can be integrated into your recruitment strategy.


Imagine this – it’s time to hire new staff members. Your HR team are preparing the ad and are aiming to attract the most suitable applicants. How does your add standout from all the others? How do you ensure that the right applicants will apply – those that are the best fit for your Organisation How do you attract STAND OUT APPLICANTS?

The answer is a recruitment strategy that leverages a well crafted recruitment video.

A recruitment video is a fantastic opportunity to really show your company culture and personality. it can even communicate the story behind your brand.

It is important to Focus on highlighting the benefits of working at your organisation and also outlining the types of applicants you are seeking

Keep it simple but be very clear in your message and have a strong call to action, such as “Apply now!”

Some brain storming questions could be…
What is it like to work at your organisation?
What types of attributes do you seek in your employees?
What opportunities are available to your staff?
What type of people DON’T you want working at your organisation

A recruitment video can be shared across multiple platforms including YouTube, twitter, Facebook, website, job ads such as SEEK, and so on.

Job listings with video are viewed 12% more than those that are just text. On Average you will receive a 34% greater candidate application rate by using a recruitment video.

Beyond a single recruitment video is a recruitment Chanel on YouTube. These feature multiple videos including employee experiences and testimonials. Life at Google is an excellent example.

Example of Google using a recruitment video

I have started to see more organisations use recruitment videos and the results have been very very Positive.

In conclusion, The sooner you have a recruitment video to share, the sooner you can benefit from, not only more applicants, but applicants who are BETTER matched to your organisation!

PS Here is a useful infographic from about using youtube and recruitment videos and channels as part of your social recruitment strategy.


Recruitment Video Infographic

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