How to find the Right Audience for your Video

Find the Right Audience for your Video | Q and A Video Marketing

Welcome to Q and A Video Marketing Session #7 12th May 2014. Marcus Seeger explores the very important topic of “How to find the right audience for your video”


Hello, welcome my name is Marcus Seeger and I am the owner and video profit strategist here at Video Experts.

So, we have a very, very exciting topic today to discuss which is distribution. I actually see this as one of the key aspects of video marketing and it is where the ROI can actually be significantly impacted and what I mean by that is:

Are the right people actually watching your videos and are they watching them at the right time?

So distribution means getting the videos that you put so much time, money and energy into making and getting them in front of the right people at the right time and this is what we call distribution.

So to illustrate this, I’m going to use an example of a recruitment video. Now these are videos that we’re making quite a lot of over the last couple of years and they basically highlight the aspects of why you would like to work at a company. So some people call them an employment value proposition, what is it that will attract top-quality applicants to your jobs and it is often the actual company itself that they are attracted to, so what better way to promote that company culture than by a video?

So let’s say you made this video and you’ve got the strategy behind it, you’ve got the script and everything’s fantastic, you’re really happy and ready to get it out there. Now, what to do. So the first thing is, how do we get this video in front of the right people? So the right people are job applicants, people who are applying for your jobs. So the best place would be I would imagine somewhere like Seek which is an online employment portal that allows advertisers to advertise their positions and to accept applications. So you may have been looking at Seek yourself if you’re looking for work or even just looking at other companies to see what positions they’re advertising or for whatever reason, and you would have seen on occasion and actual video, now this is still quite rare and it’s still a fantastic opportunity for companies to stand out from their competitors.

But I don’t want to go too much into the employment video, I really just wanted to focus on the distribution. So the fact of the matter is that the people who are looking at Seek and looking at your job description and thinking about whether to apply or not, what better thing to be able to show them than the video? Not only are you showing your video to the right people which is the employment value proposition “why come and work at our company” but also at the right time because if that person is not actually in a position to be applying for the job, then you’re kind of missing the mark a little bit, but by actually having that video on Seek where they are obviously actively looking for employment opportunities, whether their ready to apply then and there it doesn’t matter, they’re actually still researching companies and your video is being shown there at the right time to the right person.

So I hope this is making sense, it’s not just that you want to get views on your video, you want to get views from the right people at the right time, so obviously with an employment value proposition styled video, the right person is a job applicant and the right time is when they’re actively looking for work and considering applying for a job that you have advertised.

Another example would be in a sell cycle of a company. So you might have a range of products that are purchased at different stages by a customer and we could use the construction industry for an example. So the sell cycle would go through from the start of a construction project which might be for example framing, all the way through to fit out at the other end, so you can create videos that will actually focus on those different aspects of the sell cycle and once that’s done, the challenge then is to have the right people see them at the right time. So the right people – your target market – so in this case we’re looking at builders and at the right time, well it’s when they’re actually looking at the next stage of that construction process.

So an example of that could well be YouTube. You might well have actually used keyword and other search techniques to enable builders to actually find your product at the right time when they’re looking for it, and this is really important because having a whole bunch of people randomly watching your video who aren’t in the market for your product or aren’t at the right time interested, you really, if you think of a dartboard, you’re really off target. Really what we’re looking to achieve here is to hit the bull’s-eye, so to find that perfect target market at the perfect timing in their buying process to actually be able to see that video.

Another great example that I love is for example a shopping experience. So you might have a potential customer on a Saturday morning, getting the train into the city and they’re looking to purchase a particular item, let’s say it might be some perfume for example and what they’re doing on the train on the way in on their mobile device, is actually doing some research; they might be looking up price, they might be looking up different brands, they might be looking at testimonials, who knows, there’s a whole range of things of videos that could be actually seen here, and because they’re targeted to the mobile device, a lot of research is showing that customers are doing their research on the mobile on the way to the store and making their decision before they get to the store. So at the store it’s pretty much a matter of that customer knowing which perfume that they’re looking to purchase. So it might be a gift for example where the guy who’s done some research on the phone, and it might not be whilst they’re travelling, it might be over a coffee before they start their shopping experience.

So how would you get that video to the right person at the right time? This is a really, really important part of the strategy process that we offer here at Video Experts and I believe it is the part of the process that really starts to get the bums on seats or the cash in the bank or the actual action that you want that person, the audience to take after watching the video. This is the part where you have the lead generation and the sales conversion because the content of that video and the messaging is all crystal clear, and at this point in distribution is the point where you’re able to find the right people at the right time to watch the video and take action on the call to action in the video.

So there you have it, it’s one of the key principles that we use here to make successful videos that will grow your business and provide you with a return of investment that is well beyond the standard video production type of return.

So thank you very much for joining me today, this is a little bit of a shorter Q&A, we’re just focusing on this one particular topic today and next week we’ll be again answering a key topic and I look forward to you joining me then. Just a reminder it is every Monday we run these live Q&A’s at 12.00 noon AEST, just on Hangouts or via YouTube. You can of course watch them at a later date so to anybody who’s watching now, if you miss the live event thank you very much. Certainly submit any questions that you may have via the YouTube comments there or through social media, we have a hash tag which is #veqanda, I’d love to hear your questions and I look forward to continuing these for the rest of the year, this is number, where are we up to, I think it’s number seven. So, yeah, we’re getting some really fantastic information here that we can share.

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So once again my name is Marcus Seeger, I’m the owner and video profit strategist here at Video Experts, enjoy the rest of your day, bye for now!

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Session #7 “How to find the Right Audience for your Video”

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