75 million likes on Facebook – YouTube

Youtube hit a major milestone today when they hit 75 million likes on Facebook.

According to InsideFacebook, in April 2013, Youtube was the third most liked Facebook page with just under 73 Million likes.  The first and second postion going to Facebook for every phone and Facebook itself respectively. With a daily growth of 41,546 and a weekly growth of 321,825 Youtube’s growth is nothing less than staggering. Fast forward two months to June 13, 2013 and Youtube are celebrating 75 million likes on Facebook!


To celebrate, Youtube released on their Youtube Spotlight a “playlist of videos that our Facebook fan community shared the most over the years.” It is interesting to note these top 20 videos are not most played videos from youtube but most shared on Facebook. Nearly all would have been played from within Facebook and not Youtube. This is a good example of how useful partner channels are.

Videos include “Rewind YouTube Style 2012”  Redbull’s Felix Baumgartners Supersonic Freefall, Gangham Style (of course) and Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.


The symbiotic relationship between Youtube and Facebook is very strong. They are well integrated with Youtube’s share function and Facebooks embedding code. A simple process as outlined by wikihow allows everyone to share youtube videos on Facebook, quickly and easily. There are no barriers to sharing.

So what does 75,000,000  likes on Facebook actually look like? In a nutshell, a massive community and a powerful way to influence and share video content. For example, the “75 Million Likes Facebook” post received just over 34,000 likes in 6 hours. YouTube can introduce new featured video’s and also celebrate anniversary videos such as the 6 year anniversary of the Keyboard Cat (now with 31 Million Views!)

Well, it is certainly rare to get a chance to thank 75 million people but Youtube have done it today. Congratulations!

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