4 Tips for planning your video content in the new financial year. | Q and A

4 Tips for planning your video content in the new financial year.

Welcome to the Q and A Session #13 – 30 June 2014.

This is the last episode from Season One. We will be back in August with Season Two!

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Hello and welcome, my name is Marcus Seeger and I’m the owner and Video Profit Strategist at Video Experts.  Welcome to our Q and A #13, this is a weekly, live video Hangout that we have here every Monday at 12.00 noon, thank you very much for joining us today.

Now today’s topic being the end of the financial year here in Australia, June 30th is:


4 Tips for planning your video content in the new financial year.


So the question here is what do you actually want your video marketing to look like this time next year?  So in 12 months, what do you want to do in terms of building your video content and how is that going to benefit your business?

So planning, with everything in business is the key to success, so we’re going to dive into some tips on how you can over the next 12 months.

The first question I’m going to ask here, or topic I’m going to discuss is how planning over the next 12 months.  So for example, you might be planning to update your monthly newsletter more than likely you are improving it. It could be introducing staff members or a new product, there’s a whole range of things that you can choose from but the point I’m making here is that you’ve got a marketing strategy for that newsletter and what I’m suggesting here is asking yourself the question “how can I add video to add value to that newsletter and value to my customers”, so that’s a good example.

Other examples might be your digital online marketing strategies for your website for example, you might be looking at an overhaul of the site or particular areas to be developed, and again, ask the same question “how can I add value in terms of video”, you might already have some video but how can you improve on it?  Or you might have none and you’re looking to start for the first time.  So items that we’ve covered over the last 13 weeks in the Q and A’s, would be videos such as the home page sizzle video, where you’re presenting your brand on your home page, or it might be a product video in the product areas or a sales video which is essentially an irresistible offer to your customers; there’s lots of different videos that you can add to your website, and now is a great time to be thinking about that particularly if you’re planning to update some of your online strategies with your website over the next 12 months, and many of us are.  Websites just change quite regularly these days, it’s not a set and forget content situation by any means.

Another area that is one of my favourites is the testimonial videos.  Now these do involve a little bit of planning, typically when you’re working with a client I always suggest to flag the idea that you would like to produce a testimonial video at the end of the project so at least the client then has some knowledge and it’s in their mind that when you ask to do that testimonial video at the end of the project, they’re already prepared and most likely will say yes and of course the real strength in testimonials is to align them with particular pain points that your customers are experiencing with your business.  So for example we’ll use price as a typical example here, then look for a testimonial that is going to cover off that pain point of price, so the testimonial might be someone who’s really happy with your work, they thought it might have been expensive to start with but they’re really happy that they went ahead and they actually think it’s in fact really cheap now that they’ve seen the benefits to their business, for example.

So that’s where the power of testimonials really starts to shine through, this is a complete strategy, it’s usually aligned with your website, so it kind of carries forward from the last point.

Now, another great area to look at is your YouTube channel, where is it at the moment and where would you like to see it in 12 months’ time in terms of various playlists, even your subscriber list, the interaction, the sharing of your videos, what stats can you put down as targets for 12 months’ time?  And then look at ways to how to achieve that.  Planning really here is the key, you might even look at updating your unsubscribed view video, the ‘welcome and this is what we do and we’d love you to subscribe’ video, if you haven’t got one already then this is probably going to be one of the videos that are high on your list, so looking at your YouTube channel.

Also considering some other social video options such as Vine and Instagram, do you have a strategy in those areas or not?  Maybe it’s not suitable for you, so again, it’s just planning out the next 12 months of where you’d like to see yourself this time next year.  You might be deciding to add some regular content to that YouTube channel, like these Q and A’s that we do here every week, or it might be like Moz’s Whiteboard Friday, I’m going to put a link here, for anyone who’s not familiar with that.  Creating a regular event can build up an audience and a consistency in your brand, providing some fantastic content, not only for YouTube but for blog posts and podcasts and general content that can be marketed through social media in particular.

There’s lots of other ways obviously to add video into your marketing strategy, I would encourage you to go through some of the videos that we have here on the Q and A channel, and I’d really be interested to hear any feedback about what you’re planning to do for your next 12 months video marketing strategy and how it integrates into your business and into your marketing plan.  Feel free to leave some comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy new financial year, 2014-15 year is starting tomorrow here for us in Australia, and here’s to your success.  I’m absolutely sure that if you implement some of the strategies that we’ve talked about over the last three months in terms of video marketing, then your business is going to grow over the next 12 months and I think that’s just a fantastic opportunity so I do encourage you to continue with video marketing if you haven’t started already or if you’re new to it to give it a go.

My name once again is Marcus Seeger, I’m the owner and Video Profit Strategist at Video Experts, we’re a Melbourne based video marketing agency, the websites here; if you’d like to keep in touch with what we do just go to the free updates tab and fill out some details there.  So we’d be more than happy to send you updates of tips and tricks with video marketing.


So thank you very much for joining me again and we are actually going to be changing the format of these Hangouts at some point in the future in the next month or so but for now we’re just going to keep going with the Hangouts.  I hope you can join me next week, that’s 12.00 AEST, or if you’re watching this on the replay thanks very much, feel free to share, subscribe to the channel, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Okay guys, thanks very much.  Bye for now!


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