How to use video for effective internal communications | Q and A

How to use video for effective internal communications | Q and A

Welcome to the Q and A Session #12 – 23 June 2014.

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Hello and welcome, this is Marcus Seeger from Video Experts and we are at #12 for our Q and A’s which are held every Monday at 12.00 AEST.

Now today’s topic actually was a question that I had received recently from a client of ours which was:

How can we use video to better communicate to our organisation? (Internal Communications)

The answer to that is it’s really easy – video is one of the most effective forms of communication so why not take advantage of what the big companies are doing, which is largely using video to communicate to their staff across multiple locations. Now you don’t have to be as big as these guys to be using video to your own advantage, but you can let your staff know what is happening in your business, and you’ll find that if you ask, this is often one of the most common forms of feedback that staff will give is that they would like to know about what’s happening in the business, so they get a broader picture and feel more included in the workings and goings on of the business or organisation for that matter.

So video can really, really effectively communicate clearly, consistently and cheaply across a large range of messages and to a large range of audiences, they might be from various sites even various locations or countries. So let’s just quickly delve into a few examples to give you some ideas, so the first one here is to announce important news. What better way than to make a video that will communicate the exciting news that you have to share with your organisation? People tend to not read the newsletters or emails for that matter, so if you have an important announcement to make, make sure everybody can get that message by putting it in video form, you will find that most people will watch the video and you can set up certain structures to ensure that there is a time and place set aside to watch those videos for a really important announcement. So the consistency, the message is clear and concise and doesn’t get misrepresented if it goes through various stages, through various people to be communicated.

So this is a classic example, another one might be some big changes happening in the business that you would like to share and explain why they’re happening and how they’re happening and when they’re happening, maybe there’s some rumours going on, a video message explaining exactly what’s happening will just guide everybody so they actually understand the changes that are going on.

Another great example is a celebration of a milestone or a major achievement, this really is a great thing to communicate with everybody and video again is, I think, a fantastic way to do that.

And then we get into teaching, so there might be some new procedures or new technologies or just new ways of doing things, it might be a new sales technique or some technology used in the sales process that no ones used before, the list is endless, so rather than go around to each office or each person and sit down and explain to them how this new thing is working, just make a video and everybody can watch it and you can save yourself a lot of time by doing this.

And lastly an example here of training again is with new members that join your team, so you’ve got new people coming on board, what better way to welcome them by giving them an overview of the company and some idea about the culture there and the goals and aspirations, you can really craft your own message there to new team members in the form of a video, so you’ve got this again, this consistent message that’s going to every single person that’s joining your organisation. And typically these messages that we’ve been discussing here can come from a range of different people, it might be right from the very top from the CEO or Managing Director or it could be more the sales manager or the recruitment, the HR department. So these messages can be created from various sources and can be targeted to the correct audience in terms of your staff.

So I hope that’s given you some insight into some additional ways to use video, we focus mainly here on marketing videos and how they can grow your business, but keep in mind that growing your business is also about your staff and internally growing, so video can be used and is used very effectively in this medium.

So thank you very much for joining me, this is a regular Q and A as I mentioned before, you can actually ask any question that you might have, just e-mail me at [email protected] or use the #veqanda and I’d love to hear from you in terms of any questions that you would like me to answer here live, it’s a free Hangout that we have every week, and feel free to share this video if you think anyone is interested in learning more about improving their internal communications by using video, and leave some comments below if you’d like to share some information and some ideas that you might have.

So thanks very much guys, it’s been once again, I like these regular Monday videos that we make here and I hope you do too, so feel free to subscribe to the YouTube channel and sign up for more information just by going to the stay up to date tab on the website.

So enjoy your week and I’ll catch you next week, thanks very much, have a great day. Bye for now!

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