Mobile Video and How You can Profit from this Trend

Mobile Video

Video is being watched on mobile devices more and more and the trend continues to grow very quickly. In the video , Marcus Seeger, explores what this means and how your business can benefit by staying on top of this mobile video trend.


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Hello, my name is Marcus Seeger, owner and video profit strategist at Video Experts.

In today’s video we are going to be looking at the rise and rise of mobile video and how it can actually benefit your business.

So, the statistics show us that over the last few years video has been watched continuously more and more on mobile devices.

In 2011, YouTube video views on mobile devices accounted for just six percent of total views. But in 2012 that increased to twenty five percent and in 2014, forty percent.

So you can see there is a definite trend moving up as consumer watch video on mobile devices.

And…by mobile devices, I’m talking here about smart phone and tablets. Keep in mind that we have wearable devices around the corner as technology advances so that is another huge opportunity for mobile video to increase.

How can mobile video usage (by increasing) how can it actually benefit your business?

Well, I think, one of the key things here to consider, is integrating video into your mobile optimised website and app. So people that are using these sites, will be on mobile and the demand for video is huge. There is a fantastic opportunity to introduce video into that site, into that app, and VALUE ADD to your customer.

Secondly, consider how using video and social media can work together to connect better with your customers. So the stats show us that social media is increasingly being used via mobile devices. For example, Twitter has a sixty percent user base on mobile. So it makes sense to me to be using social media and integrating video with a mobile platform in mind,

And thirdly, this was a bit surprising for me. In my research over sixty percent of mobile video users actually watch video longer than ten minutes. So it really opens up the opportunity to produce longer form videos for your customers. In the past, I have been reluctant to make videos over two or three minutes, thinking that people wouldn’t watch them on a mobile device. But, that has proven me wrong, so there is a great opportunity there

So, mobile video is going to be increasing throughout 2014 and beyond. Hopefully that has given you some ideas of how to use video yourself for mobile and…it’s a great opportunity and I would encourage you to explore that.

If you have any comments, I would love to hear form you. Pop your details in below…and you can subscribe to this channel as well because each week I bring you “YouTube” Monday which is tips and strategies for video marketing. Next weeks edition is going to be on Live Video so stay tuned for that. Thanks very much for watching and have a great day.

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