SEEK Recruitment Videos Attract the Best Applicants

Recruitment is a complex process and is often regarded as a mix of science and art. One piece of the puzzle which is at the very start of the recruitment process is the ability of a company or organization to attract quality applicants. The more suited the applicants are to role and the culture of the workplace, the better chance of making a successful hire. In this video Marcus Seeger, Managing Director of Video Experts, explores the opportunities offered by SEEK recruitment videos.

Video Transcript

In today’s world, there are so many different ways of using video to grow your business. In today’s video, we’re looking at recruitment videos, specifically to Seek. So as you can see, we believe recruitment is a critical part of growing a business and it is a very complex process. It’s actually a mix of science and art.

Recruitment videos are a mix of science and art

The first piece of the puzzle is attracting quality talent, and quality in the sense of both qualified for the role and a good cultural fit for your company. By attracting a wide range of applicants, your choices will be very broad and enable you to then start selecting very successfully the shortlisted candidates. As a HR or recruitment manager, you’ll be well aware that when you advertise on SEEK, there’s an option to add a video.

A SEEK recruitment strategy without video is a missed opportunity

Here is an example of one of the SEEK recruitment videos that Video Experts has produced.

Video Experts SEEK Recruitment video sample - Bowens

Looking around on SEEK, it’s quite clear it’s a missed opportunity for many companies because they’re just not actually taking advantage of adding a video. SEEK recruitment videos are under utilized.

And keep in mind that the recruitment video can be broadcast beyond SEEK and actually be used on your social media channels.

4 Benefits of SEEK Recruitment Videos

So I’m now going to share with you four very simple ways that you can use video to improve your talent recruitment.

Benefit 1

Recruitment videos help your job ad STAND OUT

The first point I’d like to make is that video will allow you to stand out and get noticed. In a competitive space where top talent has a wide range of choices of companies that they can apply to, the video will actually really help you stand out against everybody else and provide a point of difference. It allows you to cut through the noise.

Benefit 2

Videos help to showcase your culture

And secondly, a recruitment video allows you to really showcase your culture. Whether your culture is considered fun or dynamic or professional, for example, you’ll be able to use the video to actually attract the types of people that would like to work in that type of environment, but also allows you to really highlight the positives of working at your company. On the flip side, it really does discourage the wrong type of people, shall we say, that you just don’t really need in your organization. You’re discouraging the square pegs.

Benefit 3

You can customize a recruitment video to a specific role

And thirdly, beyond the companywide recruitment video, you can customize the video specifically to a role. If you are constantly recruiting for a specific role, for example, in a sales position, it’s a great idea to actually tailor a video specifically to that audience. This will make the video a lot more powerful than the generic company version. A great example of this is the graduate recruiting videos. A graduate is looking for some specific attributes in a company, and you can use a customized video to highlight those.

Benefit 4

SEEK Recruitment Videos

And, finally, as your company actually goes about the process of producing a recruitment video, it’s noticeable that everyone becomes a lot more clearer about what is so special about that company. You can find insights when you ask your staff what they like about working at your company or maybe what they don’t like so much about working at your company. This will provide a deeper understanding around the values that make your company stand out from everybody else.

So as you can see, recruitment videos are extremely valuable to a HR department for recruiting quality talent to your job openings both in terms of qualifications and perhaps, more importantly, a great cultural fit.

So if you’re looking to add SEEK recruitment videos or perhaps update an existing one, please get in contact with Video Experts today. We can share some video samples with you and talk through some strategies. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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