Sales Funnel Video Strategy (Part 1)

In the first of a three part series, Marcus Seeger outlines an Online Sales Funnel Video Strategy  to effectively boost your conversion rate.


Here are some examples of websites that integrate the power of video into their sales funnel on their Home Page to boost their conversion rates:

Michelle Bridges 12WBT

12WBT - Sales Funnel Videos


Marie Forleo B-School

B-School - Sales Funnel Videos


Lead Pages

leadpages - Sales Funnel Videos



Hello, my name is Marcus Seeger; I am the owner and video profit strategist at Video Experts. In this video I am exploring the ways you can add video into your sales funnel to increase your conversion. This is in fact the first video in a series of three.

I am assuming initially that you have mapped out your [ideal] customer experience. From the first brand contact, through to the sales process and then into delivery and forward into after sales. Now I am specifically looking at the sales conversion and your sales funnel in the ONLINE SPACE.

So, the FIRST video we are looking at is [for] the Home Page, your welcome video. This is a fantastic opportunity to present your Unique Selling Proposition, your USP. This video might only be 30 to 60 seconds in length but it is extremely important. It is very often the first contact that a potential customer will have with your brand, particularly if they have found you through a Google (organic) search.

This video…can really identify your USP and really represent how you are different from the rest of your competition.

The SECOND video we are exploring today is the products and services video. So, this is a great opportunity again to actually explain the BENEFITS to your customers. We certainly want to see the reasons WHY this particular product or service will actually BENEFIT your customer. So produce the video with their perspective in mind. [ie. WIIFM — What’s In It For Me?”]

The THIRD video is the SALES PAGE video. Again, this is a way you can actually present your IRRESISTIBLE OFFER to your customers in a video form. If you add this video to your web site you will absolutely see an increase in CONVERSION.

In fact, if you add all three videos: so the home page welcome USP video, the products and services benefits video, the sales irresistible offer — you will be guaranteed to see an increase in conversions throughout that sales funnel. There are lots of statistics  [Link to RealSEO Market Research] that will back that up.

So give it a TRY! If you haven’t already, think about ways that you can those three videos in your online sales funnel. You will be amazed at the results by using the power of video!

Thank you for watching. I would really like to hear YOUR comments — please add them below.

My name is Marcus Seeger. I’m the owner and video profit strategist at Video Experts. Have a great day.


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