Introducing Jorge Maraima – Business Development Executive

Video Experts is excited to introduce our newest recruit, Jorge (pronounced “George’) Maraima. Jorge’s role is as Video Experts’ first Business Development Executive.

Jorge joins us from Impact Media International where he successfully published over 10 reports in world class media, spanning over 4 continents with multicultural teams, within budgets and time frameworks.

Project countries included: Pakistan, Colombia, Estonia, Malta, Trinidad & Tobago, Kuwait, Namibia, Cyprus, Spain, Cape Verde, Barbados, Germany, The Gambia, Brazil, Botswana and South Africa.

Media included: The Economic Observer (China), The New York Times, The Guardian, The Oil & Gas Year, CNBC EMEA, CNBC Europe, TIME Magazine, Forbes Magazine and The Washington Post.

Jorge Maraima Video Experts Business Development Executive

Jorge is an avid traveler. His passion for wanderlust has taken him to over 70 countries around the world in the last decade. After so many planes, cars, helicopters, quad bikes, ships, camel and horse rides, he decided to make Melbourne his permanent home. Now he is embracing Melbourne’s way of living and as he is in charge of Business Development at Video Experts you can see him in many events in town.

He is a devoted foodie and loves hosting dinners for friends at home while practicing his mixologist skills. He enjoys taking care of his guests and also taking care of our clients, helping them strategise how to better capitalise on video as a tool to tackle their communication initiatives and challenges. 

Being from Latin America and having lived in so many places, makes him a natural people’s person. He has proven skills in terms of flexibility and adaptation, which he uses to better cater the needs of our clients. 

Jorge is also a certified scuba diver and likes dancing latin music. He claims not to have a clue about professional photography but still has over 800 albums on Facebook. Since he has traveled to so many places on his own, some friends have claimed he should give courses on how to take good selfies. (You can see a selection of Jorge’s selfies below.)

Jorge also enjoys road trips and, oddly as it sounds, airports.  One last thing he is crazy about? Viral videos and its effect on people all over the planet!

To discuss your next video project, please contact Jorge today.

Jorge can be contacted via email at [email protected], by phone 0402 464 094 or by completing the form below.

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