How to Present Well on Camera

In this video I will be sharing with you my top 3 insider tips for presenting well to camera and overcoming your fears.

Tip 1 – “Amp it up”.

My first Tip on how to present well on camera is to simply amp it up. It is necessary to be way more animated than you usually are.

This will naturally feel a bit strange to start with, but, with practice will become easier. A video camera lens compresses your personality so it is important to go a bit over the top – maybe 2 or 3 times how you would normally talk to someone in order to present well camera effectively.

Too often, presenters come across flat and two dimensional because they don’t compensate for the lens. If you are having fun and imagining your audience is on the other side of the camera then you will come across more real and natural. Oh and remember to smile, especially at the end of a piece so an editor can transition out smoothly.

Tip 2 –  Practice.

I recommend that you do as many pieces to camera for practice before the real thing. You can use your smart phone for this. Replay and check yourself and see how “amping it up” can really make a difference. I suggest you do this little exercise. First of all, go all out and push your limits. By deliberately going too far and over the top you will know where the line in the sand is so to speak. Then bring it all back to a suitable level that works for you.

By watching yourself on camera you will notice that to start with it is odd – this is mainly because you are seeing yourself in reverse to how you normally see yourself in the mirror. Again, after a while you will get used to it.

Tip 3, just do it.

Fear can hold us back from doing so many things. As we all know, once you actually do something you were initially afraid of, it always seems easier than you thought. If you use tip one and two then presenting to camera will begin to feel more natural. You may not be perfect the first time but each time it will become easier! Well, thanks for watching. Please feel free to add comments. See you next week for another Youtube Monday with Video Experts.

Post Script

Sometimes it might be appropriate that a professional speaking coaching could be considered. You simply can’t beat training from an expert. Now, I am not a presenter. I have spent years BEHIND the camera and have only recently turned the camera around to film me!  I hired a public speaking coach in order to help me overcome my fears and get me to take action. If you are really struggling or wish to take your presenting to the next level, I recommend seeking out a speaking coach.

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