Content Marketing Video

One of  the biggest challenges of a content marketing strategy is around consistent content creation. Whilst  video is a well recognized “A” grade piece of content, not so many people recognize that a major benefit of video is that it can be leveraged by creating a number of secondary content pieces as a bi-product. So, content marketing video can have many variations and repurposing which reinforces its status as the content with the best ROI.
Being able to leverage the number of prices of content from this one source, solves to varying degrees the lack of content issues of many content marketing strategies.
Here are three examples of ways that content marketing video can be repurposed as additional pieces of content:

1. A transcription of the video becomes the foundation of a blog or social media  post or public relations article.

2. Video frames are used as still images for social media or print.

3. With certain types of video’s it is possible to separate the audio to create part of a podcast or perhaps an entire episode.

The opportunity to create multiple pieces of content from one video is an advantage of this medium. Having said that, the use of video is significant as a stand alone piece.

As you are interested in video you may also be interested in using video for social media as well as this is often complimentary.

Here is an example of a content marketing video (which was also used as a social media video) being repurposed as a published article in a customer magazine that is produced in conjunction with an agency.


The article and video then became a Facebook social media post.


And here is the original source video that was used as the foundation of the published article.